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Can a group of people apply for the fellowship?

Yes, but they should nominate one person as the main applicant. They may use the text of the research proposal to explain the approach to collective work. The fee remains the same as for a single applicant (and can be divided at the applicant’s discretion).

“Applications and supplementary materials should be written and/or spoken in English and submitted, by attachment, in a single PDF file of maximum 10MB, consisting of maximum 5 A4 sheets.” What are the supplementary materials? Is this more than the requested 5 points/parts?

No supplementary materials are required. If applicants feel that additional information beyond the required components is necessary to understand the proposal, they are welcome to do so while remaining within the maximum of 5 A4 sheets. We do not request CVs.

What should the introduction of yourself and your research/work consist of?

Applicants should use the introduction in the way that they feel best supports their application. You may use the introduction to give an impression of your practice, previous works, interests, experiences, methodologies, and other individual qualities. Alternately, you may focus on your particular connection to the research proposal and why you are uniquely positioned to explore your chosen theme; or you may use the opportunity to express your personal standpoint on the discipline(s) in which you operate. We do not request CVs as part of the introduction.

Does the requirement of using one or more approaches concern the range of research objects or the outcomes of the research?

The call states that applicants are encouraged to use one or a combination of approaches that challenge the boundaries of the three disciplines while also responding to the theme of BURN-OUT. These approaches, including but in no way limited to those suggested in the call, are understood as methods rather than subjects or outcomes.

My English is not very good. Would it be acceptable to use Google translate and let someone else edit my piece?

We welcome all applications, including from those applicants for whom English is not the first or primary language, although applications should be written and submitted in English. Part of the required submission is a 500-word research proposal, for which you should submit a text that reflects the best of your ability in terms of English translation. Due to the number of applications, HNI cannot offer translation services, but you are free to arrange assistance independently.

In the application criteria, it says it will prioritize applications that involve collaborations with institutions, NGOs and organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. Does it mean the applicant should have these connections with other institutions already?

It is not necessary, but any tentative or confirmed plans for collaboration will be considered as an asset to the research proposal.

If the research requires a new collaboration with other institutions and the fellow doesn’t have the connection yet, is Het Nieuwe Instituut going to help establish the connection? For example, are these cases possible?

  • The research involves creating something such as ceramics or a metal structure, etc. and Het Nieuwe Instituut finds a way for the fellow to use workshop facilities of another institution in the Netherlands.
  • The research requires technical advice from experts, from another institution, which might call for an extra a budget.
  • The research involves having access to archives or collections of museums and Het Nieuwe Instituut assists in the negotiation.

The R&D department at Het Nieuwe Instituut is committed to supporting the fellows in their research, including by facilitating collaborations with other institutions where possible. In the case of permission for access to archives or free workshops (e.g. the workshop of an academic institution), we are happy to provide letters of support as well as assist the fellow with contacts from our network. In the case of the use of workshops that require a material or access fee or paid consultation, the fellow should fit these costs into their budget as a fellow or find additional sources of funding. Fellows may make a request for limited additional research budget in discussion with the R&D team, but we cannot guarantee additional funding beyond the fellowship stipend.

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