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A pre-selection of applicants for the 2022 Call for Fellows wiil be made by the members of the Research Department listed on this page. An international jury will then select the two fellows. More information about the jury will follow soon.

Digital Culture, Research Department
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer studied history at the University of Utrecht and developed an art practice that moved into the field of digital culture. Since the late 1990s, he has been working at the intersections of culture, technology and ecology and he researches, curates and moderates events in this field. At Het Nieuwe Instituut, he is a researcher, primarily in the context of digital culture. He was responsible for – among other projects – the Garden of Machines (2015), 51Sprints(2016) and Gardening Mars (2017), and co-curated the Neuhaus temporary academy for more-than-human knowledge (2019). Currently he is developing the zoöp project, a legal format for collaboration between humans and collective bodies of non-humans. He has been teaching media and other theory at the Rietveld Academy since 2002. A consistent element in his work is the intersection of different knowledge practices: technological, artistic, legal, scientific and non-human.

Research department
Janilda Bartolomeu

Janilda Bartolomeu is a researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut and a filmmaker working on projects researching the Cape Verde’s undocumented histories. Her projects stem from her interest in speculative fictions and folklore, and therefore balance on the intersection of memory and speculation. Her research has evolved into an exploration of the spectre as both a physical presence and a conceptual metaphor to question ambiguous, non-linear histories. Her current research at Het Nieuwe Instituut, started with the film she developed for YouthDem x G/D THYSELF, titled If The Walls Could Speak. Janilda’s research at Het Nieuwe Instituut continued with the development of Colonial Spectres, and most currently, The Eleventh Island under The New Knowledge Academy. Janilda holds an MA degree in Comparative Arts and Media Studies from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Research Department
Federica Notari

Federica Notari is a multimedia trans-disciplinary researcher. She graduated from Leiden University with an MA in African Studies with cum laude and MA in Media Studies. Her research interests question how we navigate space, how it informs us, and how we belong to space. Through her methodologies, she aims to demystify the role of the researcher and question epistemologies of knowledge. She particularly focuses on how identities shape spaces and are shaped by spaces, as well as how material, cultural artifacts embody meaning beyond their materiality. Federica currently works at Het Nieuwe Insituut since July 2021 as well as being a junior researcher at Leiden University. Outside these realms she is also the organizer of night-life event, Discoteca Amore, and curator of Words Off the Page, an event that rethinks the space where writing ‘belongs’.

Landscape and Interior, Research Department
Marten Kuijpers

Marten Kuijpers is a researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut. His work concerns the often invisible political and financial scripts and mechanisms that shape cities and their hinterlands. At Het Nieuwe Instituut he worked on the research projects Automated Landscapes and Financial Architectures, as well as various exhibitions, including Sicco Mansholt: A Good European and MVRDV: The Living Archive of a Studio. He currently coordinates a three-year program working toward an archive for garden and landscape design. Marten studied architecture at the University of Technology in Eindhoven.

Research Department
Carolina Valente Pinto

Carolina Valente Pinto is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher, working with new media, storytelling, and making public as ways to expand visibility and criticality, within today's digital cultures. In her practice, she embraces notions of care and collective knowledge production as ways to build feminism as an ever-present lens and method when researching and designing. Graduating in 2022 from MA New Media and Digital Culture with a thesis on DIY infrastructures as digital solidarity at the University of Amsterdam, Carolina has been working with the Institute’s Research and Development team since September 2020.

Research Department
Setareh Noorani

Setareh Noorani is an architect, researcher, zinester, and part of experimental music collective Zenevloed. In her projects and creative involvements, she uses various media to explore ways in unfolding and embodying, questioning processes of trauma and time, always in the grey space between academic and artistic research. This involves investigating, disrupting, and unfolding archives through spatial investigations and cathartic self-publishing practices. Her current research at Het Nieuwe Instituut focuses on qualitative, paradigm-shifting notions of decoloniality, feminisms, queer ecologies, agencies (non-institutional, non-authorship), and implications of the collective, more-than-human body in architecture, its heritage and its multivocal futures, as part of the new project Collecting Otherwise and the cross-institutional The Critical Visitor. Setareh holds a MSc in Architecture (cum laude) at TU Delft.

Research Department
Kirtis Clarke

Kirtis Clarke (born London, UK 1996, living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands) has an interdisciplinary artistic practice characterised by ongoing research and negotiation into themes related to rootedness and migration, working across performance, sculpture and digital media. Interested in co-created practices, encounters with other artists, friends, family and members of the black diaspora serve to help develop new methodologies for creating work rooted in a collective sense of identity. In 2022, Kirtis expands this research focus at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam. With a narrative-driven approach, his work offers constellations of reference material, abstract forms, films and audio which become imaginative spaces where fragmented knowledge is able to re-exist in tandem.

Research Department
Wietske Nutma

After graduating from the Royal Academy of Art in 2019, Wietske Nutma has been working as a multidisciplinary designer and researcher. In her practice she works across the fields of design, ecology and participation in an effort to find ways to contribute to the living world. Wietske has been working at Het Nieuwe Instituut since February 2021 where she joined the Zoöp project to explore what it means to - and how we can - live together in multispecies communities.

Research Department
Delany Boutkan

Delany Boutkan works as a researcher at Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Research department. Here she has been developing and coordinating the International Call for Fellows and several collaborative research projects and public programmes since 2019. From its initiation, she has been a member of the Collecting Otherwise team for example. The latest programme she has been developing: Design Drafts, is a growing writing and publishing network dedicated to investigating and drafting what it means to write about design today. Delany’s writings are published by cultural platforms including MacGuffin magazine, Onomatopee Projects, PS Sandberg / Sandberg Instituut, and Kunstlicht Journal amongst others. Between 2020 and 2022, she curated the lecture programme ‘5th Floor Talks’ at Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE) with the MAs in Social Design and Contextual Design. She received her Master's degree in Design Curating & Writing at DAE in 2018.

Delany Boutkan, Marten Kuijpers, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Setareh Noorani
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